Appreciation & Gratitude

Appreciation & Gratitude

We customarily reserve Thanksgiving as a time to give thanks for the people and possessions we were too preoccupied to acknowledge the past 11 months and 28 days. However, we are now adjusting to a new normal. We are isolated in our homes forced to face all of the thoughts that we were too distracted to deal with.

Suddenly, we’re valuing the things we took for granted like buying groceries and essential toiletries. When I tell you I was so grateful to stumble across a 12 pack of paper towels at Target last weekend! I took a picture of it like it was a rare commodity that would make all of my Instagram followers think, wow she really has it made. But, I digress.

All of this has left me contemplating how we have gotten to place of moving so fast that we allow the subtle miracles of life to pass us by. While writing this, I started thinking about when I started my new job back in February.

I dived into training seeking to rapidly grasp new concepts and software applications so that I could be promoted within 6 months. Now, there’s nothing wrong with setting professional goals for yourself. But I was so wrapped up in breezing through the basic fundamentals of my job that I did not appreciate the opportunity I was given.

And I hate to say it, (I hope I don’t sound ridiculous) but I am grateful for this quarantine time. It’s unfortunate that it has taken a global pandemic to slow down humanity, but I hope it teaches us the importance of being mindful.

I hope it teaches us to appreciate the beauty of life itself-with all of her complexities, hills, and valleys. This is the sum of who are and how we navigate through life. The more mindful we are, the more we are able to appreciate the splendor of our own lives and respect the differences in others.
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