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Uninspired or in Hibernation

November 02, 2020

By: Marasia T.

Fill your cup with what you need this season. Be okay with the answer being rest.

- Marasia

Tis the season to be cozy in bed with a warm cup of tea scrolling through insta ignoring all phone calls and text. Yes, I saw your message, and yes, I know you see me on Instagram. People do me like this all the time. Ha! No, but seriously, Netflix and chill all by myself seems to be the mood for this Fall/Winter season. Has anybody else been uninspired lately?

As the Winter Blues lurks around the corner, it seems like I’m peeping to see if it is finally here. Could that be where my lack of inspiration comes from? I mean according to science or something we are supposed to hibernating in this season. Quarantine makes it seem like we’ve been hibernating for almost a year now. Again, it’s that pressure in quarantine to write the next best seller or finally drop that extra 20 lbs. that makes you feel like you need to be inspired to do something…anything. Some days I’m just not. I started thinking a little more about why I feel this way or what can get me going when I absolutely need to.

And now we move to “Black in Therapy.” Yes, I am bringing up therapy, AGAIN. My therapist is my accountability partner, and she calls me out on everything! Don’t get me wrong, it is completely normal to feel uninspired from time to time. You are still doing great. Here is when I had to be aware of what my needs were. If I feel uninspired for too long, I need to talk to somebody just to check in. Being inspired is important to me. Talking to my homegirl (therapist), here is what I need to ask myself:

1. Am I blocking something (emotions, worries, fears, doubts and so on)? If so, whose approval am I seeking (my own or others and why)?

2. Is this normal for me during this season? If so, how did I get through it last time?

3. At what point should I make myself do something I’m uninspired to do (when do I have to hold myself accountable)?

4. What am I actually trying to be inspired to do, and is it something I have to do NOW?

5. What is in my coping box to get me through this season?

I won’t talk you guys through my answers, but these are some great questions to ask yourself. Find a friend you trust OR A THERAPIST! Yes, I’m yelling at you who keeps rolling your eyes! This is a great season to try one out, and it is no pressure because most sessions are virtual. With your trusted friend or therapist, run through these questions. Bounce ideas off each other and be honest with your feedback. Remind each other of the things you both said you wanted to get done. My therapist challenged me to do a list of 21 things I want to do in 2021. When I get into a funk or uninspired I can refer to the list to help push me out of it or get me excited again. Her exact words were, “movement shifts mood.”

One of the best things you can do is be gentle with each other. This year was so intense that you literally may need to hibernate. Lack of inspiration may not be what it seems. It could be your body and mind telling you it needs rest. No one knows you more than you do. Be real with yourself. Understand your un-inspiration and accept it as appropriate or create an action plan to get you out of the funk. Fill your cup with what you need this season. Be okay with the answer being rest.

Be Well Y'all!

Marasia T.

Marasia is the one of the co-founders of Just Be Tea Co. On a journey to find undisturbed peace she loves to intentionally experience people’s true essence, have tea time, be a plant mom, Just Be, yoga, and all things self-care.