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Fireside Blend
Fireside Blend

Fireside Blend

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Whenever we think about the cold winter season we like to picture ourselves relaxing by a warm fire (or heater) with a cozy blanket and hot cup of tea - add a snowy backdrop and it's a whole vibe! Our fireside blend is this cozy scene in a cup! Herbal and spicy this delicious tea blend is sure to keep you warm during the cold winter months! This caffeine-free blend is full of healthy herbs and spices, and makes for a great relaxing tea when you need to unwind or as a bedtime tea for a more peaceful sleep. We love this blend with a generous spoonful of our favorite local honey, or you can try adding extra cinnamon sticks for more spice if you think you can take the heat!

Want the full cozy, winter tea experience? This warm, spicy herbal tea blend is a part of our Let's Get Cozy self-care kit! 

Product Details:

  • 1 oz Bag Makes Approximately 10-15 Cups of Tea
  • Caffeine-Free


*Rooibos, *Cinnamon, Ground Cinnamon, *Orange Peel, *Holy Basil, *Ginger, Cardamom, *Fennel Seed, *Marshmallow Root, *Licorice Root, Black Peppercorn, Crushed Red Pepper (*Organic)

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