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Herbal Relaxation Sampler (Caffeine-Free)

Herbal Relaxation Sampler (Caffeine-Free)

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Try our caffeine-free herbal blends! Sometimes we just need to calm down from day to day stress or just enjoy something warm jitter free! These blends are perfect to ease an anxious mind in the morning or come down off of a long day in the evening. If self care was a tea, these herbal blends would be it! 

Sample Blends Included (6g):

Berry Crush

Herbal Peace

Hibiscus Spice

Lavender Dreams

Strawberry Chill

*Sample size blends allow 1 - 2 servings depending on the steeping preference. 1 tsp per 8 oz of water is recommended allowing at least  2 servings per sample. 

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